Dani Moseley – good news!

Dani Moseley

I’m here right now in Cape Town!

Sorry I should have told you all this last week, but it all happened so fast that I didn’t have a chance to think, let alone contact you.

So I got an acting job in a new series that’s going to be shown on SKY1 called ‘The Runaway’. It’s based on a Martina Cole Novel and I’m in Episode 2 of the 6-part drama where I play a character called ‘Denise’ who is a bully.

I had the audition on Monday 29th March. Found out I got the job on Wednesday 30th March and then went out to film it on Tuesday 6th April. Sorry, did I just forget to mention that filming is taking place in SOUTH AFRICA!!!! I’m here right now in Cape Town! My first block of filming finishes this Saturday, but because they haven’t finished building the set for a scene I have to do, I have COME BACK in May to film it!!! HOW WICKED IS ALL OF THIS!!!

The whole story takes place in London, but apparently, it’s a lot cheaper to film everything out here. Esp as it’s all taking place in the 60’s/70’s. There are quite a few names involved, tho I don’t want to mention them just yet for legal reasons, but it’s all VERY EXCITING!!!

They paid for transport to the airport, the flights, accommodation and we have drivers to take us where we want/need to go. I get a daily spending allowance as well as a mobile they’ve given me, not only as my point of contact to them, but also to make international calls home to my Mum. How nice is that!

Today I spend the day at the beach and got to stay in a villa of one of the famous names. I’m literally BUZZING!!! lol. This is an AMAZING experience and it still feels SOOOOOO surreal for me.

Stay tuned for the pictures! (ED)