Support Scott’s Triathlon: 400m Swim | 24km Cycle | 5km Run

Apart from his video producer/editor’s job, LSM’s 2010 graduate Scott Farrow has been running, from 3km to 10 miles, to raise money for various charities (The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, St. Barnabas and Alzheimer’s Society) for the last couple of years.

Scott Farrow, Class of 2010 Video ProducerThis year he said he’s decided to go a little BIGGER “both in distance and challenge!” with a triathlon to raise £500 for St. Andrew’s Children’s Hospice in Grimsby.  Please support Scott, donate here! “The sprint triathlon is my aim. A 400m swim (16 lengths of an olympic size pool to you and me!), a 24km bike ride up Burton Hill (if you know Lincoln, you will feel my pain!) and a 5km run!  As well as upping the ante with the training, I need your help to up the ante with increasing my donations. I’ve been stuck on just short of £250 now for a few weeks and would really like to hit that next milestone! I’ve just got back from an amazing 5 days in New York – it went so quickly! But time does fly when you’re having fun! Unfortunately, it was five days of enjoying the sights, sounds… and wonderful food, of epic portions sizes!  Since signing up to the Triathlon I’d known I had this trip booked so my goal was to train moderately up until the trip, enjoy the trip, then train like hell when I got back. I started off with one swim, one ride and one run per week when I first started training back in December/January. Just before I went away I was up to a couple of bike rides, a couple of morning swims and a run per week. Now it’s the business end of the training I will be aiming to do a minimum of 2 of each activity a week, with some one after another.

Scott-Farrow_Triatholon_cycle2014I’m pretty confident now with each distance individually, the next task is putting them all together. I set my target for swimming at 12 minutes as it is brand new to me, I was swimming the 16 lengths in 12 minutes or less after the first month so this wasn’t a problem. I didn’t get my road bike until February and would say the cycle is the weakest aspect to my triathlon – I set myself a time of under an hour for this, which I have managed a few times, but without the inclusion of the dreaded Burton Hill! The run is my most comfortable event having run several 10ks over the last year or so, but I’ve never done them after a swim and cycle ride. Because of this I set myself a goal of 30 minutes for the 5k with is a little slower than my regular 10km pace.

With all this in mind, I need to stop writing and get in the pool!… then on my bike, and out for a run!  Thanks to all who have donated already and please help share and donate if you haven’t already.”  Story extracted from Scott’s blog and you can add donations here!