2010 Degree show: May 28

This year’s show was acclaimed as the best yet.

If you were lucky enough to make it, many thanks and we all hope you liked what was on offer. Mary Stuart, University Vice Chancellor did:

“Congratulations to the whole School for the excellent degree show yesterday. I wasn’t able to see or hear it all but what I did was incredibly impressive and extremely well organised. I am very proud of our students and of course all of you. Well done and thank you so much ……..the work is so good, thanks again for all the effort, I know how much it is and I really appreciate it. Please pass on my congratuations to the whole team…”

If you missed the show, here’s the official trailer, made by level 3 LSM student Joe Fallon:

And check out our new film releases here:

Photos from Mike Mason’s album:

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