Emily Milne, Class of 2012 | Account Executive at Tricker PR

Emily-Milne_2012Grad After graduating in 2012 I moved to Glasgow to make a name for myself. Several million film and tv company interviews later I had no such luck. I was still doing the usual work as a waitress to make ends meet which made it harder with twelve hour shifts and no social life. I had to then move back home to the Silver City (Aberdeen) where I had to get a shop job. For those of you that don’t know, Aberdeen is where everything (but oil and hairdressing) comes to die. I worked my way to supervisor, again working awful hours and no social life to speak of. I hit the streets and my macbook sending CVs everywhere that I could. Eventually I got picked up by a little company with a big presence, Tricker PR. I am working as their account executive and let me tell you, it has never been so fun. Every day is different. I’ll be phoning clients or companies then I’ll be reading newspapers for news relating to clients and running around the city chasing down certain items for photo shoots. Going on photo shoots or sitting in the office typing away furiously for a press release I’ve to get ready to send off to the client within the hour.

If LSM, now LSFM (Lincoln School of Film & Media) has taught me anything it’s how to land on your feet… and that I can drink the English under the table…. I am starting to establish myself and liaising with clients and potential clients most weeks. It is not where I want to end up but it is a very lovely tangent on my road to script writing fame! Thanks Lincoln, I miss you and love you.