Jack Johnston, Class of 2009 | BBC Production Award

Congrats to our alumni who work on BBC TV’s Springwatch on winning an in-house award for the most sustainable production team. 2009 Media Production Graduate Jack Johnston’s role was Lead Edit Assist (now Editor on BBC World Wide versions of the show). He said: 12088195_649740769988_6136445753219117447_n Springwatch is a three week Live Natural History TV event with 12 BBC Two shows as well as a multitude of online and red button shows broadcasting 24 hours a day. With huge numbers of live cameras set up across a nature reserve, a production team of over 100 people and miles of cables, it’s an exciting production to be a part of.

Jack SpringwatchI graduated from Lincoln back in 2009 and have now been working on the “Watches” in post production for a year. Laurence Whitaker joined the team early in 2015 as part of the research team. After talking in the office one day we found out that we had in fact both graduated from Lincoln, Laurence in 2011. The series this year went very well, drawing in fantastic viewing figures and giving birth to a new national hero, Spineless Si, a tiny stickleback fish who just wanted to be a good father!  With Springwatch being such a large production, and having a strong   environmental message, we were delighted to learn that we had been nominated for a BBC Production Award “Leading the way in sustainable production”. The BBC Production awards are an internal awards ceremony celebrating the efforts of production teams. Springwatch is an Albert+ production, meaning a big effort is put into reducing the carbon footprint of the production. We used green generators, electric buggies and low emission hire cars.

On the 28th September we travelled down to the new BBC offices and against strong competition we were delighted to win the award.

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  1. Thanks for the update Jack – great story and wonderful award. Lovely to know you and Laurence are working together on such a fantastic production. Look forward to hearing more again soon.

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