Rachel Hagreen, Class of 2014 | Kickstarter How To Kitchen

Rachelhagreen-HTK-episode1Things got a bit manic for me in July. After sadly being made redundant from Videojug Networks, I was forced to look for a new job.  I was extremely lucky to secure myself a role as shooting researcher at Diagonal View almost straight away and it was the How To Kitchen channel that landed me the role.  The channel showcased knowledge of production that led to them creating a role that involves shooting, editing and scriptwriting on a daily basis, allowing me to have a perfect balance of desk-work and practical camera work.

Due to all the stress that comes with searching for and starting a new job, the How To Kitchen channel had to be put to rest for a while and each time we considered bringing it back, we were filled with fear and flashbacks of the last shoots where we were too poor and too busy to leave the house… Alexander Whitcombe and myself seriously considered scrapping the whole channel on a number of occasions but ultimately we decided it had too much potential to throw away just yet. So we made the difficult decision to launch a Kickstarter campaign: How To Kitchen is an online cooking channel that creates original recipes inspired by TV and film. Pledge your support?

We set to work on planning the campaign whilst also beginning work on series 2 which will open with an incredible ‘The Walking Dead’ episode (keep that on the down low, this is the only place we’re really publishing that information!).

Now that word has spread a bit further about our channel, we’re beginning to receive great feedback and a genuine love for the content and to my shock; we managed to raise 20% of our target of £1,500 in UNDER 24 hours.  It’s so incredible to see first-hand that people actually like our channel, before this I thought people were just too scared to tell us it was a bit crap. We know we made a lot of mistakes in the previous episodes but we knew we would, it’s inevitable.

Now that the stress is pretty much over and we can go back to planning the channel that we love so much, we need everyone’s help to get us to our target and get How To Kitchen a little bit further in to the internet world.

We hate to beg, we really do, but we also really need this Kickstarter to get in to the spotlight so that people other than our friends and family can help us out. If you know anyone (a Youtuber, a blogger, company, writer ,etc.) who could promote the Kickstarter in ANY way, please do pass it on to them. Otherwise, please dig as deep as you can and fund our campaign OR if you’re not in to the whole crowd-funding thing, simply sharing it on social media is a huge help to us.

The campaign ends on the 3rd December so any donations will come out of your bank accounts that day.