1215.today Innovation Lab | Express Interest by 21.04.16

1215.today-imageAn invitation from LSFM’s Senior Lecturer and our alumnus Martyn Thayne about an exciting opportunity – to be part of the next 1215.today Innovation LabDo you want to spend a day with other creative minds to re-imagine what our lives could look like in the future? Do you want to work alongside an internationally recognised artist to discuss, debate and develop ideas and artwork that might be commissioned as part of the 1215.today project? www.1215.today is an online creative project that connects and empowers young people across the world to have their say about their rights. People just like YOU. So if you care about democracy, freedom of speech and human rights, join us on Saturday 11th June in Lincoln. 

If you’re a maker (of any digital media/art-form), gamer, YouTuber or just want a chance to express yourself, the Lab is an opportunity to share your point of view with the rest of the world. You will also be joined by 4 creative technologists who will translate your ideas into a working prototype on the day! That’s your official invitation! Expression of interest to go to Kelly Daniels by 21st April 2016 via info@1215.today  Thank you.

Lab 1: Future Space (Jan 2016) 

1215.today-picLSFM student Fran Bullinger and Senior Lecturer Martyn Thayne were participants of the first Innovation Lab, which was held at the Open Data Institute in Leeds in January. Artist Kathrin Böhm asked participants to define what future space might look like. Some radical ideas emerged on the day. One of these has been commissioned into a creative, digital artwork. The next event is being hosted by the LSFM digital innovation centre, co_LAB, so if you are interested in being involved email expressions of interest to info@1215.today.