Gemma Lowe, Class of 2012 | Career Update

It’s been almost a year since I last wrote anything for the LSFM alumni blog and sitting down to write this has made me realise just how much has happened in that time. In my last post I spoke about why I was enjoying my career which, although different from the one I set out achieve with my degree, was rewarding and used many of the skills that the University of Lincoln had taught me. Not long after writing I was offered the role of Press and Media Content Officer for the Lincoln College Group, an opportunity that I was excited to get stuck in to. I have settled well into the role as part of the Marketing and Communications Team working across Lincoln, Newark and Gainsborough Colleges and I am enjoying putting the variety of skills I picked up during my degree to use. 

I am responsible for writing content for a range of purposes – from press releases to poetry – as well as producing content such as film and photography for social media, and planning digital marketing output. I enjoy the social side of working in Marketing but also the technical bits of the job, such as filming and editing; so many things that I learned during my studies are proving useful now, from audio production and script-writing to animation and editing.

I am also working as Media Manager for Lincolnshire Scouts, a great opportunity to get involved with something exciting whilst gaining some further experience; I am responsible for writing and implementing the Media Development Strategy for the County as well as producing media content and working with local and regional press. It turns out Lincolnshire is a pretty big place, so I am having to be very organised to make sure that all Scouting Districts are represented, and that I work closely with Scouts and volunteers from across the organisation to celebrate the positive things that Scouting offers to local young people.  In my spare time, I also work for a local web-design and digital solutions company, ByteBox, offering media and marketing services to local businesses and freelancers.

Since graduating I have realised that there are lots of media jobs out there in places that you wouldn’t necessarily think to look, I almost stumbled across Marketing and Communications but it is proving itself to be a fantastic career choice for me, and I look forward to progressing in the industry to include more management responsibilities in the near future.

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  1. Thanks for your inspirational post Gemma ! One busy lady and you definitely prove that there is exciting media work in Lincolnshire.

    We look forward to welcoming you back soon!

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