Wanted : Coronation Street Writers

But hurry; the jobs close on September 14.

What’s the story? Could it be yet another Corrie glory? There have been plenty of glorious storylines over the past 50 years. And long may they continue.

With people like you on board they will.

Your natural writing skills and passion of Coronation Street and TV soaps in
general mean you could help us create a new generation of critically-acclaimed, award-winning and audience-capturing classic storylines for the nation’s most-watched TV show.

Working as part of a small team with the Story Editor, Series Editor and Producer, you’ll be developing (and debating) more plot twists and turns that have established Corrie as the longest-running show on TV. Any previous TV experience is not as important as your confident and colourful writing.

We are looking to create a Talent Pool of future Story Associates who could
work on Coronation Street (with Emmerdale to follow later). Places are limited and you really don’t want to miss this unique opportunity.

The closing date will be 14th September 2010

Location: Manchester
Team: ITV Studios
Region: North-West
Closing date: 14th September 2010
Job Reference: 5122

If you cannot apply on line please contact HR Direct on 0161 952 1922 or email HRDirect@itv.com for an application form

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7 thoughts on “Wanted : Coronation Street Writers

  1. On behalf of Susan Jeacock:
    I think you really need to have a bit of glamour coming I to the street…..
    May be you could have Audrey’s old school friend coming in from USA…. Someone real new comer to the screen ……
    It could be a chance meeting, Audrey goes into town shopping, looking for a taxi to get home walks passed a big posh hotel, and out of a taxi is an old best school friend, Monica looking so glamorous, Andrey is so shocked, they hug each other and Monica says come I. The hotel and let have a drink!!!! Audrey still feeling down, agrees…. She cannot believe how this plane girl was now looking like a star!!! Audrey is quite jealous, but what the hell, she goes to a fabulous hotel room, and Monica tell her story!!!!

  2. I have some great ideas to put some humour and intrigue back in Coronation Street. The old factoruy that would have been a lapdancing club will become an indoor market, Sunita will be pregnant after a night off pasion with Dev, is the baby his or Carls, it will be born white as some ancestors where white in Devs family history. Mary will try selling homemade cookies on the market and Gail will be market inspector, health and safety is her rule. Carl is desperate for a job and ask Lewis thow to become and escort.

  3. I would be very interest in the job as well. I am a huge fan of all soap stories around the world. I created my own soap stories. It is called Life. I think it is great but I have no writing background, and I have had nothing publish before. Therefore, I would need an expert to look at my writing and help me with them. I do see improvement in my writing since I have been writing on Life in 2002. If anyone is interest, let me know and I will send you a script. I do want this because I love screenwriting and I would love to see my characters, stories, and plots on television one day.

  4. I would be VERY interested. Am a huge soap fan and Coronation Street is my fave. I have original scripts for a new Soap i am currently devising and creating characters for it. Where can i send my scripts to get an opinion on them from an expert soap writer? I have so many ideas but have no idea where to get them noticed. One of my ambitions would to be a writer for Corrie one day but i have no academic background in writing. I like the old legendary characters like Elsie Tanner and Ena Sharples that were believable. Everyone meets an Elsie and Ena at some point in their life. If anyone would know where i can find fellow soap writers, producers or anyone with a passion to bring my ideas to screen please let me know.
    Thanks for reading.

  5. I’ve just come accross this site and writing vacancy as I am very keen to write for Coronation street – now 52 I have been watching it since i was 10.

    I have an idea for a story to celebrate the soap’s 50th year and I am an experienced English literature and Drama lecturer and examiner..

    I have written scripts that have ben performed by private drama schools and am presently endeavouring to get a plethora of my scripts / books published and performed.

    I see the closing date has gone but thought it still worth a try .

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