Congrats LSFM Winners | RTS Midlands Student Awards 2019

Congratulations to RTS winning student teams at LSFM – scooping THREE AWARDS. University of Lincoln School of Film & Media creatives won at the Royal Television Society Midlands Student Awards 2019: in the Animation category LSFM had achieved all 3 film nominations with Harlem Nocturne, Uplifted and Papier and the award went to … 

… Papier by Tabitha Lay, Emily Leaning, Katie Thomas, Natasha Ray and Charlie Bartlett. At tonight’s award ceremony in Birmingham was Programme Leader BA (Hons) Animation and Special Effects Jane Batkin: “We are incredibly proud that our students were nominated and that Papier has won the RTS student award this year! All the students involved made a phenomenal effort to create these films and it’s fabulous that their work has been recognised at this level.”

MORE RTS Award winners were in CRAFT SKILLS: PRODUCTION DESIGN for Flintlock by Michael Strachan Brown, Jake Hatton, Stefanie Oswald, Nicola Cowley, Will Hounsell, Mark Atkinson (sound), Ed Sargisson (sound). Also CRAFT SKILLS: CAMERA for The Block by Callum Mitchell, Gus Ayling, Joel Bedworth, Lydia Nash, Robert Whittle, Benjamin Ridley Porteous-Butley.

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