TV studios get a makeover

Our TV studios at have been newly upgraded to include some of the latest lighting and camera technologies, bringing the facilities up to full multi-camera and HD specification.

LED Lighting

The recent introduction of LED lighting in both of our TV studios has the potential to achieve an environmental saving of approximately a quarter of the University’s carbon saving target.

Studio engineer and technical specialist, Steve Judge researched the potential of LED studio lighting and was one of those instrumental in choosing the power and simplicity of the Jands control platform, running the new generation Vista v2 software.

Two Jands Vista consoles – a T2 and an I3 – have been installed. These were supplied directly to the University by Jands Europe, and the lighting aspect of this latest technical investment has also included the purchase of over 30 Chroma-Q Color ForceTM 12 and 72 LED fixtures supplied through worldwide distributors, A.C Entertainment Technologies.

The T2 console is located in the big studio and the I3 in the smaller one. They both control the existing generics (Tungsten Fresnels) and the new LED cyc lights.

Steve had not used Jands before, although he was aware of the brand, and it came recommended by several people. He says that Jands Europe were very helpful and informative in providing information and responding to his queries. He downloaded the Vista v2 software and gave it a thorough test, also conducting his own extensive internet research into the product, commenting, “I found that – particularly with v2, people were really embracing it and enthusing about how much it moved it into a different league, so I was confident we were investing in the right technology”

Programming the console via its logical and intuitive menu system is an ideal scenario for most students, he explains, as they are familiar with technology and communications devices working in the same style.

Steve comments that another “Massive benefit” to students with the Jands Vista v2 software is that they can download and use it on their own computers, in the process gaining experience of using it outside a fixed space, and effectively – with experience – being able to design their lighting before they even get in to the studio.

“The software is so interactive – it’s a joy to use and will make moving light programming far easier”,

HD Cameras

Studio A has been equipped with four high-definition Ikegami studio cameras, making students at Lincoln the only ones in the country to have experience of this configuration of high-end broadcast stable of studio cameras during their studies.