Alex Holland, class of 2009

Alex Holland

Alex Holland

LSM graduate Alex Holland returns to Lincoln as a stand-up comedian, in the Big Comedy Mash, at the LPAC on Friday March 5th.

To appreciate his own brand of humour, try one of his video sketches:

The Toy – watch more funny videos

Last November Alex wrote:

I have an intense interest in comedy. As a result my final year at the University of Lincoln culminated in the production of the sketch show ‘Best Friends That Love Each Other’ which I produced, co-wrote, co-directed and co-starred in.

The Midlands Royal Television Society recently awarded the show Best Undergraduate Entertainment which has only served to encourage this sort of behaviour. This is best demonstrated through the internet sketches my friend and writing partner Stuart Almond and I have been producing as the group ‘Future Wheel’.

In addition I perform stand-up comedy as often as possible as well as creating and organising my own comedy event. Currently I have been saving up to visit a friend in Japan for a month over Christmas. Once there I intend to use my time to develop and write a scripts, sketches, and stand-up material.

I feel as though I should justify how these activities will facilitate my entry into a creative career but, if I’m honest, they are mostly the result of a weird comedic compulsion I have had since I was 5. My aim now is to continue to write, produce, perform, improve, and to pester everyone until eventually someone agrees to pay me for doing what I enjoy so much.

Later, on his return from Japan, Alex sent us an update:

I am using this time to write short films, sketches, and stand-up comedy material as well as editing my radio sitcom pilot to an acceptable state for the BBC’s writersroom, hopefully I will get some feedback on it. Have been sending some topical sketches to the radio 7 show Newsjack which has an open submissions policy, however sadly none of them have been broadcast yet.

Once I get back home I will be saving up to move down to London with a friend where we intend to set up our own production company and trying to get into the world of comedy by creating more comedy sketches to perform live and to film for the internet.

And the latest from Alex, about the LPAC show:

It’s only a 5 minute spot sadly but the guy running it seems keen for me to come back again if I make people laugh to some degree, perhaps with a longer set.

Alex has his own blog too

Alex Holland

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