Jordan Livermore needs your help……

Please play our film!

Jordan (class of 2009) writes:

I have a huge favour to ask of the Alumni Network. I and 3 of my friends are tied up in a video competition on YouTube to gain as many hits as possible in a month; the subject being The Ramshackle Rally.

Here are a few details about the piece:

The Ramshackle Rally is an organised event to get from Calais, France to Split, Croatia in 4 days in a car that you have invested less than £150 in. Easy. Or so we thought.

The real prize for myself and the team I was with was never to win all the challenges, but to at least have a pop at winning the video competition the event organises! As a result, we need to get as many people to watch our video as possible to win. Having exhaused the hoards on Facebook, we are now branching out new territory in order to show off our new video. Please feel free to share with your friends, family, pets etc. and a fellow media graduate would be eternally grateful.

Although the video is not of the greatest quality, the logistics of it were a nightmare – particularly as we shot it entirely in 3D, on the fly! The version on Youtube is a 10′ cut of a planned 45′ version and is acting as a promo for the final product.

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