Darren Scales learns about scoring his film

Darren Scales has been working on his sci-fi epic “The Drift” since August 2011, and the movie is now in post production, scheduled for a Christmas 2013 release. He’s recently been working on the original musical score. As well as producing this low budget movie, Darren (who describes himself as the executive bully,) has regularly updated his production video diary “Driftcasts”. Here’s the latest episode, in which Darren meets with James the Score, composer for THE DRIFT, and asks him what it takes to write a score:

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Meet the Freelancers – a personal view

Follow JordanI did wonder why LSM graduate Jordan Livermore left his first job in 3D film, to launch himself as a runner. I‘m beginning to understand now, having gone along to “Meet the Freelancers”, an event suggested and organised by Jordan, hosted by the LSM.

Jordan’s idea was to pass on the wisdom and experiences of fellow freelancers Nick Cramp, James Gurden, Jude Winstanley and Andy Devonshire, as well as to give his own take on the business. Together they did just that. Jordan started with this:

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Jordan hosts “Meet the Freelancers”

LSM graduate Jordan Livermore presents “MEET THE FREELANCERS”, on Tuesday 11 Dec at 2pm in the Cargill Lecture Theatre.

Jordan has always been keen to put students in the picture about working as a freelancer ever since he began working a a runner in London, so he has organised this event to help current LSM students. They will be able to meet an array of freelancers working in UK TV today and ask them questions about how they got work and how they keep it.

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Darren Scales in Sci-fi success

From Darren Scales:
Backyard Productions wins again!!!

“Never one to duck from the limelight Executive Bully Darren Scales received on behalf of Backyard Productions the 2012 North Kesteven Community Champion Award for Contribution to the Arts, for the Sc-Fi production The Drift!

The production was undertaken with volunteers from across the local community as well as undergraduates from the University of Lincoln. Produced and filmed over a period of 6 months, the top floor of the Airmens’ mess at RAF Waddington was transformed from a dining room into a film studio with spaceship sets , camera and wardrobe department. The production was also featured on local ITV news in February 2012.”

The full story

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Crowdfunding – Michael Henry style

From Michael Henry: Just to let you know I’ve now begun my unique crowdfunding campaign for our fourth feature film ‘NARCISSIST’. What sets us apart from everyone else trying to raise funds for their indie film is we’re running the campaign through www.michaelhenryfilm.com instead, in order to show you don’t actually need crowdfunding sites to run a successful campaign.

All the details are here 

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Michael Henry Update, Summer 2012

The past twelve months have been the best of my life. A lot has happened – I filmed my third feature film ‘I WORK’, traveled the world, set up the Quandary Productions Filmmaker Support Scheme (soon to become the ‘Artist Support Scheme’ as we are now helping actors, artists, musicians, and comedians, as well as filmmakers), we’ve helped countless people both through the scheme and by supporting charities worldwide, the ‘I WORK’ release was met with hordes of incredible feedback and has received a remarkable following online, and we’re now gearing up for our next (fourth) feature film over the next couple of months.

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Alex Holland podlosophises

LSM Graduate and standup comic Alex Holland is podlosophising with Jay Cowle. In the latest podcast they discuss what shops would best suit the apocalypse and why men wear fancy pants.They also develop a children’s play about drowning Sonic.

Hear and download all the podcasts. Search for other Alex Holland posts.

Michael Henry: “I Work” premiere update

Another Twitter find – Michael has posted news of the recent premiere of his film “I Work“:

“It appears everyone loves the film. Not that I had any doubts. Everyone laughed in the places I expected, everyone left with a smile, I had really positive comments regarding story, style and acting, and I feel proud of the film.”


Tom Mallion update

Spotted on Twitter:

Not content with becoming a BT Storyteller for the London Olympics, cycling around the UK and hitting the national press headlines, it turns out that Tom went to the BT BOA Ball in October and made a film about it, which he has just posted on YouTube:

Trademark Productions

Where do you get the energy Tom?