Graduation, Lincoln Cathedral | LSFM Ceremony 5th Sept 2017

It’s the University of Lincoln graduation week from 4th to 8th September 2017. There are 11 graduation ceremonies to present around 3,000 students with their degree certificates at the lovely Lincoln Cathedral. Our Lincoln School of Film and Media’s graduation will be on TUESDAY 5th Sept at 7.30pm – and watch on YouTube.

We wish our LSFM graduands the very best and invite them to keep in touch with the LSFM alumni community – we’d love to hear about your experiences, work opportunities and adventures. Share your stories and pictures via our LSFM’s Alumni Network: Blog | Twitter |  Facebook | LinkedIn

1000+ days later… Rachel Hagreen on life after LSM & University

Rachael-Hagreen_UpdatedPicWell, that’s it. Somehow three years (or roughly 1018 days) have just passed and University has officially finished with me. The past year has been the best of my life so far, and that is purely down to genuinely loving the course (even the dissertation) and meeting a cracking set of friends following the University trip to Latvia back in October.

As much as I don’t want to leave University life, I now feel completely ready to move on to whatever’s next. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work on a lot of extra projects (paid and unpaid) during my three years in Lincoln and those are the things that have really given me the confidence that I have now. Whether you’re going into your first or second year, or even final year I can’t express enough how important it is to get that extra bit of experience. The course is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but there’s going to be a couple of hundred people graduate with the same degree as you in ONE year from that ONE course in Lincoln alone. It’s no secret that jobs are hard to come by in this industry but if you do something extra on the side that will set you apart from those hundreds of other people in the same position as you, it’ll really make a difference when you leave. Continue reading

Meet the Graduates 2014 | What’s the Value of Work Experience?

Meet_the_Graduates_150wWhat’s the Value of Work Experience? This is the next clip in the Q&A series from Meet the Graduates 2014. The networking event between our students and graduates was part of Lincoln School of Media’s 20th anniversary at the University of Lincoln. Thanks to all alumni, students and staff who came to MtG 2014. 

Alumni Stuart Lutes (Class of 2001), Adam Verity (Class of 2002), Zoe Easey (Class of 2007), Phil Stevens (Class of 2010), Holly Smith (class of 2010) and Stephen Bernard (Class of 2013) were on ‘Graduate Question Time’. LSM’s student crew, via New Media Lincs, Year 2 Rory McCarney, Year 3 Kirsty Gibson and Kamil Rewers captured the popular Networking & Graduate Question Time.  In this piece, our former students share their experiences about where’s best to be based in the country for opportunities and the value in doing work experience.

Alumni Weekend | 13-15 June 2014 | University of Lincoln | Free for all graduates, family and their friends | See more details here |

See the MtG 2014 clip ‘Where Are Alumni Now?’ on a previous post.

Backyard Productions ‘The Drift Trailer’ by LSM Grads & Students

Darren Scales has produced a video diaryLSM’s 2008 alumnus Director and Producer Darren Scales (and a part-time lecturer at the School) tells us about his latest venture at Backyard Productions UK. Apparently the project was done on a budget of £5,000 with goodwill from a bunch of local and media volunteers! 

The Drift Trailer HD “is an original sci-fi trailer made by LSM graduates and undergrads. We have really gone all out to make this a massive movie with a micro-budget! That is the biggest challenge: creating an original story with that immersive movie look with next to no funding – but I think we have done it. Now in the post-production phase, I have no doubt that THE DRIFT (set 100 years from now) is going to be something really special. The movie will be out at the end of the year.”

You can make donations towards ‘The Drift’ movie at Backyard Productions, which is a voluntary group.  Details are on its site.

Meet the Graduates 2014 | Where Are They Now?

20-years-media-graduates-logoWe’ve a series of clips this week from Meet the Graduates 2014. In the first piece you can find out where some of our alumni are now. Head of Lincoln School of Media, Sarah Barrow, officially introduced MtG 2014. It was a special occasion because it was one of the School’s event to mark 20 years of media at the University of Lincoln.  Meet the Grads was bigger than ever. Over 30 alumni attended (see who we spotted, names are below the video) the networking event between our students and graduates. Many thanks to you all for making, and marking, MtG 2014!

Alumni Stuart Lutes (Class of 2001), Adam Verity (Class of 2002), Zoe Easey (Class of 2007), Phil Stevens (Class of 2010), Holly Smith (class of 2010) and Stephen Bernard (Class of 2013) were on ‘Graduate Question Time’. LSM’s student crew, via New Media Lincs, Year 2 Rory McCarney, Year 3 Kirsty Gibson and Kamil Rewers captured the popular Networking & Graduate Question Time.

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LSM Update

Head of Lincoln School of Media, Dr. Sarah Barrow, wanted to share three good pieces of news with you.

SU_awards2014Firstly, Media Production has been nominated for the ‘Course of the Year’ category at the University of Lincoln Students’ Union Awards.  The prize ceremony will be on 9th May 2014.  You can find out more about the Lincoln School of Media on our site here. Like LSM’s in the top four of all media degree courses in the UK for student employability.

vodafone-logoSecondly, a University of Lincoln student team ‘Lincoln Valentino’, which included LSM third year Sascha Tucker (Social Media Manager at Linc TV) has won the Vodafone 24-hour challenge, with prizes including an 8 week paid internship and an iPad. Sacha said: “Our team was awarded 1st place for our new innovative idea and concept – the Relieve E-Cigarette. All animation, scripts and VO were produced by myself.” Vodafone has opportunities across the year for students and graduates and can be found on its site about careers.

D&AD_Awards2014Thirdly, another Media Production student, (specialising in Design) has reached the finals of the prestigious D&AD annual awards.  As we await the outcome you may like to enter the New Blood Awards npower Developer Challenge 2014 ” to design an app which harnesses energy data with publicly available and device data to help consumers manage their energy use.” Closing date’s 30th May 2014 – brief’s here.

Aleysha Minns on her Internship, at MtG 2014 & LSM Media Mentor

Class of 2013

Class of 2013

February has been a busy month! I have just about completed my Production Assistant internship at Warp Films in Sheffield and I have had the best time, not just for experience, but because I am a huge fan of their films. I have experienced working in their head office with some extremely talented and well-respected people, such as multiple BAFTA award winning Diarmid Scrimshaw, the Producer of ‘Tyrannasaur’, which was such a highlight for me.

While I was there, I had the chance to work on a wide range of tasks such as, working with contracts and preparing paperwork for distribution companies, checking transcripts for DVDs, film development research and valuable administration experience. I also got to experience the feeling of excitement of a film appearing at film festivals and waiting for reviews and award nominations to come in. I learnt so much from this experience and have enjoyed every minute of it.  Continue reading

Update: Media Culture 2020 European Programme

MC2020_Latvia_NewYear2013Find out what 9 Lincoln School of Media students and 2 lecturers got up to in Latvia when they completed the 2nd edition of Media Culture 2020.  It is an innovative EU-funded programme designed to explore new modes of collaborative teaching & learning. Here’s an update from LSM’s Martyn Thayne and Graham Cooper:

The main objective of the Erasmus Intensive Programme was to break down classroom and campus walls by creating an open learning environment, where students from different countries and fields could explore and learn together. The multi-disciplinary project featured five universities from across Europe, including Lincoln, the University of Vic (Spain/Catalonia), Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Liepaja University (Latvia), and HKU Hilversum (Netherlands). In addition to the delivery of a number of interactive, online workshops, the project culminated in a two-week intensive programme hosted by Liepaja University, Latvia.

Video Produced by The CakeTakers

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Rachael White’s post-graduation choice: Travel or Career?

Congrats to our students who’ll be graduating this afternoon – LSM is proud of our alumni. After graduation you’ll have choices and our media grad shared hers:

Rachael White_2012GradTravel or career? Choose both! After graduating from the University of Lincoln in 2012 I was in two minds as to what to do next. Travel with friends or start my media career?  I had somehow got an interview for a Disney Channel internship and decided if I got it I would stay, if I didn’t I would leave. So within a few minutes of the interview, I screwed it up. My mind already flew to Canada and the rest of me followed a few months later.

I spent 10 months there; snowboarding in the mountains, wake surfing on the lake and road-tripping through America. I also got a little job on the side working for a production company who filmed weddings and corporate videos. I wasn’t ready to let go of media totally so I took the opportunity, like Tesco says “every little helps.”  As my visa ran out and I blew my money ticking things off my bucket list I decided it was time to come home. I’m not going to lie, I had some really down days after not even getting bar or waitress jobs. I ended up on the dole. However, after a couple of months constantly applying to pretty much everything everywhere I got an interview at a production company down south. Continue reading

Review: In Conversation with Tomska (11.12.13)

Our 2011 Graduate Tom Ridgewell’s talk was captured by Lincoln School of Media. Images are from Senior Lecturer Chris Hainstock and a personal account on Tom’s evening lecture is by Lecturer Martyn Thayne:

TomSka_talk 1_11.12.13_fromCHTom ‘Tomska’ Ridgewell returned to Lincoln (11 Dec) to give a brilliant talk to a packed EMMTEC audience, offering some great advice for LSM alumni, prospective graduates and budding YouTube stars of the future. The talk provided a brief snapshot of Tom’s illustrious career to date, highlighting some of the highs and lows on his journey to world domination.  Tom is officially ranked within the top 200 YouTubers in the world with over 2.4 million subscribers, whilst his videos have gained over a staggering 450,000,000 views. During the talk Tom reflected on his experiences since leaving the University of Lincoln, offering an insight into how to become a successful YouTube video producer: Get yourself a crew | Take advantage | Be rubbish | Take jobs | Do the thing | Don’t panic  Continue reading