Michael Henry, Class of 2009 | MUTE (2016) released 21.05.2016

Independent filmmaker Michael Henry, our 2009 graduate and one of LSFM’s industry mentors, has been in touch about the general release of MUTE (2016). The film will be available on demand, DVD and to download, from Saturday 21st May 2016 then … Continue reading

Michael Henry, Class of 2009 | Official Trailer ‘MUTE’ (2016)

Independent filmmaker, who is one of our inspirational LSFM Industry Mentors, 2009 alumnus Michael Henry has posted an update on the latest development at Quandary Productions.  We’ve recently released the official trailer to our latest feature film ‘MUTE’, written and directed by me, … Continue reading

Michael Henry, Class of 2009 | Web Series This is Good (2015)

Our 2009 graduate and independent filmmaker Michael Henry summed up the web series called This is Good  (2015), which was written and directed by Tom Bridger as “the funniest project we’ve all been part of.”  At Quandary Productions Mike was the Producer/DOP … Continue reading

Michael Henry, Class of 2009 | Screening ‘Time and Place’ 1st Nov

One of our creative media mentors is 2009 alumnus Michael Henry at Quandary Productions who’ll be at ‘Meet the Graduates’ network event this Wednesday to share advice about indie filmmaking and opportunities. Timely because he’s just completed the final cut on … Continue reading

Class of 2009, Michael Henry | ‘Time and Place’ Trailer

Passionate filmmaker Michael Henry set up Quandary Productions. He said members of the indie production team “strive to make both short and feature films of a professional quality, on the slimmest of budgets.” The latest ‘low budget epic film’ is … Continue reading

Graduate Michael Henry on his first day shoot on ‘Time and Place’

LSM’s 2009 alumnus and indie film-maker Michael Henry’s been shooting ‘TIME AND PLACE’ this week. He said: “the footage is looking great so far. We’ve really upped our visual game and I cannot wait to show everyone the finished film.” … Continue reading

Free Film! LSM 2009 Graduate Michael Henry’s Message for You …

… Just to let you know we’re letting everyone watch our last feature film ‘NARCISSIST’ for FREE between now and January 1st 2014. Happy New Year!

Latest from LSM Graduate Michael Henry (who’ll be a media mentor)

Our 2009 alumnus Michael Henry is a passionate indie filmmaker and the founder of Quandary Productions. He’s also kindly signed up to be one of LSM’s industry mentors for 2014. ‘FLAT’ is the latest short film (a comedy with a female-led … Continue reading

Michael Henry’s crowdfunding for his next film

From 2009 LSM graduate Michael Henry, indie filmmaker and founder of Quandary Productions:  Please spread the word about crowdfunding for our next feature. ‘TIME AND PLACE’? will be a low-budget epic in which one man has to come to terms with the consequences … Continue reading

Crowdfunding – Michael Henry style

From Michael Henry: Just to let you know I’ve now begun my unique crowdfunding campaign for our fourth feature film ‘NARCISSIST’. What sets us apart from everyone else trying to raise funds for their indie film is we’re running the … Continue reading