1-day International Colloquium on Drone Culture | 24th May 2014

Rob-Coley_LSM-LecturerLincoln School of Media Lecturer Dr. Rob Coley has organised the international one day colloquium, hosted by the 21st Century Research Group at the University of Lincoln. THIS SATURDAY distinguished speakers from around the world will gather on-campus in EMMTEC to explore prominent issues surrounding ‘drone culture’. Join academics, writers, performers and artists from across the globe to discuss the social and conceptual implications of unmanned aircraft.

Rob said: “We will explore issues of local importance as well as of global concern, and presentations at our colloquium may also address the use of the drone in farming, in journalism, and in marketing gimmicks by the likes of Amazon. The event will deal with the idea of ‘drone culture’ more broadly, touching on films, contemporary art, video games and, of course, the drone as a musical form. We are particularly excited to have two fantastic keynote speakers who will address these wide-ranging issues, including how remote visualisation changes our perception of space and geography, and how the drone could be a symptom of a changing relationship between humans and machines.” Continue reading