George Horne Update 2

At last George and I met in person at the recent “Meet the Graduates” event, and he brought me up to date with his life and work at Proof Studios in Leicester.

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George Horne, class of 2010

George Horne

I know people who’ve swept floors, blown up balloons and bought everyone’s lunch at some studios, for no pay and little respect. Honestly, some internships are nothing short of slave labour and unpaid internships should be made illegal.

Save a life, Stay Awake [HD] from George Horne on Vimeo.

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Producer wanted (Nottingham)

From Andrew Ogden at Broadcast Media Services:

“… is the annual job opportunity at BMS! This time I am looking for a Producer, so likely to be a graduate of yours with at least a couple of years’ experience of the professional working environment.”

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Skeleton Productions need film makers

James Bryant runs this Nottingham based video production company which produces Internet videos for major brands. He would be interested to hear from talented film makers and to consider hiring them for paid film making work.

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