LSM Headspace| Great Minds Lecture with Ken Scott | 30 April 2014

Headspace_LSM2014Headspace is a joint LSM radio and audio networking event where students can meet industry professionals (some are our graduates) from presenters to podcasters, composers to recordists, as well as a sound artist, drama production co-ordinator and our Visiting Professor Trevor Dann.  It’s an opportunity to talk to all the guests during short informal sessions, within small groups. The idea is to talk directly with all guests about any aspect of careers and make new contacts, To see if there are any spaces this Wednesday, between 11am and 3pm, you must email Louise at LSM: record producer/engineer Ken Scott’s talk will be taking place as part of the ‘Great Minds’ Lecture Series on Wednesday 30th April 2014 at 6pm [seated at 5.45pm] in the EMMTEC lecture theatre, University of Lincoln. Principal Lecturer at LSM Bryan Rudd said: This man is a legend in the music industry and is simply too good to miss. I urge you (students and staff) to book a place as soon as possible! To be at this event you will need to reserve a place in advance with  Continue reading