What links LSM with Woodhall Spa, Milan and Missing Gnomes?

Answer is Colin Reiners, our Principal Lecturer in Media Production!

ColinReiners_WoodhallSpa_2You see he lives in Woodhall Spa and Colin’s creative images of rural Lincolnshire life formed a photographic tour, which is being showcased throughout Italy. His exhibition ‘Gnome Thieves Attack Woodhall Spa’ started last year in Pontremoli, continued with a successful tour around Italy to Milan. Colin said: “The opening attracted people from as far away as Florence, and even a bemused visitor from Boston, Lincolnshire!” Unsurprisingly (this week when the exhibition comes to a close but has been on track in Milan’s railway!) missing gnomes and Colin’s images that captured Woodhall Spa’s community are still hitting headlines abroad and in Colin’s home patch. 

From Horncastle News: A missing garden gnome is raising the profile of a Lincolnshire village in a city over 1,000 miles away.  Continue reading